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Giovanni Lami

Giovanni Lami (Ravenna, Italy, 1978) is a sound artist and musician who works within soundscape and sound- ecology boundaries. Graduated in Food Science and Technologies and in Photography, formerly photographer he had exhibitions across Europe and abroad, attended a couple of artistic residence (Basque Country and Norway) and worked with several commercial realities (from Unesco in Lalibela /Ethiopia to alternative clothing brand as Dead Meat).

Presently working in the field of sound, his influence as a photographer lends itself perfectly to composing his sonic explorations. The infinite universe of sound is as long and broad as the visual possibilities available using images, working on field recordings and real time signals processing (analog or digital); the infinite universe of sounds all around us and their manipulation is the base of his modus operandi, related today with the study of resonant surfaces in the field and the limit/interferences of each stuff used to record or reproduce a sound.